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What is hypnosis?  Hypnosis is engaging in a conversation with one's subconscious mind. This is done using any number of techniques to achieve the desired goals. Such techniques include, but are not limited to: suggestion hypnosis, analytical hypnosis and cognitive hypnosis. The hypnotist inducts a client into an altered state of awareness, in which the hypnotist is merely a guide, and the client is in control of his/her thoughts, emotions and journey.




Guided imagery is a tool hypnotists use, which can also be done independently, to evoke imagery, through word, music, and more, to promote a beneficial outcome, as one works toward their healing goal. Guided imagery is as it sounds.

It engages the imagination and memory recall to aid in working through and moving beyond obstacles or to encourage a client to embrace suggestions that promote wellness. 



Haven Hypnosis & Wellness offers both group and individual hypnosis sessions.






Self-hypnosis is a form of hypnosis performed with

auto-suggestions or

self-suggestions; things you think or say to yourself.


Self-Hypnosis requires four distinct steps.


Step 1: Motivation. Without motivation or dire need, the individual will find it difficult to practice self-hypnosis.


Step 2: Relaxation. The individual must be thoroughly relaxed and must set aside time to perform this act. Additionally, distractions should be eliminated as full attention is needed.


Step 3: Concentration. The individual needs to concentrate completely as energy is generated each time the mind focuses on a single image.


Step 4: Directing.  This is an option used only when the individual wants to work on a specific goal. The individual must direct their concentration on visualizing the desired result.




Positive self-talk is the art of harnessing the ultimate in optimism in order to achieve a maximum level of joy and peace within.


One simple way to start positive self-talk is to use I Am statements to work through any negative verbiage in your mind, your mouth and your psyche.


Sample I Am statements:


I am beautiful!

I am smart!

I am healthy!

I am loved!

I am loving!

I am fulfilled in every aspect of my life.

I am strong!

I am ... I am... I am!



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