Hypnosis is a safe, natural method to achieve positive life-changing results and modify negative behavior patterns.  Hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention.  It will be difficult to find another hypnosis center with better results for their clients than Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, as I have documented proof and reviews of the results my clients receive.  

Haven Hypnosis & Wellness does not guarantee specific results, as results vary for each individual client.  Change takes work.  Hypnosis is not an instantaneous fix or magic cure, but my proven results show clients achieve success with minimal sessions.


Haven Hypnosis & Wellness fees are payable at the time of service.  NO refunds are issued after services are rendered, and/or appointment time concludes.  Clients are paying for services, which include but are not limited to: consultation with each session, hypnosis and hypnotist's time.  A copy of the session recording is provided to clients complimentary, for 30 days, from the time of appointment, to help reinforce suggestions.  At any time, within the 30 days of appointment, clients can request to purchase a copy of their recorded session prior to expiration date of complementary recording.  The cost to purchase recordings is $10 per recorded session.  This recorded session cost goes into effect June 1, 2019. 


The 30 day complimentary recordings are just that, only free for 30 days post appointment.  Session recordings are not available to clients beyond the 30 days post appointment. 


No refunds will be issued on recordings nor appointments.  Clients assume responsibility to listen to recordings during the given 30 days, or beyond, if purchased. Should recording fail during session, hypnotist can record separate from session.


Clients should be certain to have a working knowledge of technology and ability to utilize recordings on any listening device.  Haven Hypnosis & Wellness does not guarantee success based on purchasing recordings or attending hypnosis sessions.  Listening to recordings and adhering to suggestions within each session are completely the responsibility of the client.


The recorded sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Always consult your physician or therapist when considering the use of hypnosis. 


Always make sure to listen to hypnosis recordings in an environment that is safe, where you can listen without interruption.  Refrain from listening to hypnosis recordings while driving a car or operating any kind of machinery or while under the influence of mind altering substances, as it may induce drowsiness or reduce judgment.


All hypnosis recordings and sessions are done so with the best of abilities through years of training in the hypnosis field.  Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, LLC,

Divine Dragonfly blog and Nora Knople,BLS BCH, does not guarantee anyone's success.


You are always in control of you and you are the only one that can guarantee your success.  Nora Knople, BLS, BCH. is not a licensed health professional, medical professional nor clinician.  She is a certified hypnotist by IMDHA and IACT and board certified by ICBCH.  Hypnosis done by Nora Knople is for complementary care only.


The views and opinions expressed on the Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, LLC web page, social media and/or the Divine Dragonfly blog or web cast are those of the host, guests and commentators, and are not necessarily those of the broadcaster, web host or other hosts, guests, commentators or advertisers.  The page, blogs and web casts can cover and include any lifestyle, beliefs, religion, political affiliation or other personal view or practice. 


Complimentary practices and therapies are just that, complimentary to traditional medical advice and treatment.  The Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, LLC page, Divine Dragonfly blog, show, workshops and classes are for entertainment and/or enrichment purposes only and are not a substitute for treatment or help from a licensed practitioner or medical professional.  By entering website and engaging in practices offered by this entity, you do so of your own will, freeing this entity and all involved from liability.

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