HAVEN HYPNOSIS & WELLNESS, LLC offers a multitude of services and also offers referrals to services not provided within HAVEN HYPNOSIS & WELLNESS, LLC.

HAVEN HYPNOSIS & WELLNESS, LLC offers several services to aid in your overall wellness.  

We offer:


Hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation, stress management, smoking cessation, positive body imagery and weight management, lifestyle management, chakra balancing, guided meditation, Paint Your Way Out (C) meditation painting workshop and Emotional Detox Education(C) workshop, that helps people move beyond their past to live authentically, in the NOW, - along with other life skills and personal development classes and workshops.

Haven Hypnosis & Wellness, LLC now offers Reiki session.  Reiki is an ancient healing technique that activates ones energy to assert the natural healing processes of the body, to restore wellness.




Hypnosis sessions are $85 per session. Session can last up to an hour. Depending on each client situation, more than one session may be needed to fulfill desired change.  

Paint Your Way Out workshops start at $30 per person, for the 2 hour workshop, which includes all supplies including - paint, brushes and canvas.  

Emotional Detox Education workshops start at $445 per person, for the 8 week workshop,

paid in full on or before week one. Each class is two hours long, once a week for 8 weeks. 

Participants will only obtain certificate of completion if they attend each class and do all classwork.  

Accountability Hypno-Coaching starting at $395 per person, for 5 weeks or $545 per person, for 8 weeks.

Meditation Classes, $10 per person, for the 1 hour class, $5 per person, for the 30 minute class.  

Reiki Sessions are $45 per each 1 hour session and $25 per each 30 minute session.

Personal Development/Life Skills Classes start at $10 per person/per class.


All payments for appointments are due via PayPal or card by phone 48 hours prior to appointment date, unless other arrangements are made within 48 hours to appointment.  Alternative payment arrangements must be approved by owner, Nora Knople. Payment guarantees appointment availability.  


Late Show/Late Cancellation/No Call-No Show - Starting August 20, 2019, this policy is in effect.


Clients or potential clients who show up more than 15 minutes late, cancel appointment less than 24 hours prior to appointment time, or fail to show without calling, will be subject to additional fees.  A Late/Cancel/No Show fee is $25 will be noted on file. 

SEE CANCELLATION POLICY - (in drop down list under ABOUT)


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